YCM Jason

Is `this` in Javascript bad?

Recently I have an argument with a friend who absolutely hate the this keyword in Javascript. He claims that since the language has an ambiguous binding of this in different situations, e.g. const f = obj.g will lose the binding to obj, obj.g.call(obj2) will call g in the context of obj2..., the this keyword in Javascript is simply one of the worst thing in Javascript.

He also claims that Javascript would be a lot easier to code/maintain by avoiding the use of this keyword. He advocates the following pattern for object creation:

function Car() {
  const car = {};

  car.position = 0;

  car.move = () => car.position++;

  return car;

new Car();
// or

I am, on the other hand, very comfortable with the this keyword. I use it a lot and appreciate how bind, call and apply works. However, I can't really find a legit argument against his pattern, because it really seem to be clearer for those who don't know much about Javascript?

What do you think? Give me some insights!